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Valkim Technologies was created to support technology adoption in a safe, reliable manner with an emphasis on the inspection industry. With more than 25 years of leadership in business development for Fortune 500 companies, Valkim has a proven history of successfully discovering and cultivating new market opportunities, launching emergent product lines, and developing client partnerships to elevate corporate and brand identities. 


With the ability to move fluidly between technology and marketing spaces, we can leverage our extensive network of relationships with notable, highly technical companies (including multi-tier aerospace suppliers, military sectors and the petroleum market) to help you meet your business goals. 


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Kimberley Hayes

Founder and President

Kimberley Hayes is an expert in sales, marketing and distribution for a variety of industries, and she has deep relationships that she can leverage to support her clients. She has successfully introduced emergent product lines, promoted corporate and brand identity, developed client relations, and utilized her dynamic leadership skills for highly technical companies such as Boeing, Honeywell and General Electric. 


Rosa Maria Valerio

Chief Executive Officer
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