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June 29, 2022 | 12:00pm EST

Reaching New Heights - Women in Robotics & Asset Integrity

Virtual Event

Discuss what a robotics career entails with Kimberly Hayes, Penny Chen, Marilee Phan, and Katy Muhlrad. Sign up here.

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March 16-18, 2022


Sugar Land, Texas

ICPIIT is ASNT’s foremost conference dedicated to the chemical and petroleum industry and provides a forum for the exchange of theoretical, practical, and scientific information. Topics include: Downstream Refineries, Midstream Pipelines, Shipping & Terminals, Upstream Oil & Gas Production, Chemical Plants, Constructions, Training, Qualifications, and Certifications.


December 9, 2021

AWOS Cobot

Virtual Event

An introduction of automation and the world of Cobots into our industry, this conference will give a brief history and justification for integrating “Cobots” in everyday tasks, creating a safe environment for the worker while increasing productivity, reliability, and quality, at an overall lower cost.

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December 8-9, 2021

Virtual Event

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October 6, 2021 | 7:40am CT

1st HOIS World Conference for Digitalization

Virtual Event

The 1st World Conference for Digitalization of Inspection and Asset Integrity in the Energy Industry, organized by the HOIS Joint Industry Project, is a trailblazing event that addresses this critical need. This conference will engage and connect participants ranging from developers of technology and methods, through to operators of facilities and production units all around the globe.

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June 9-10, 2021

Virtual Event

Learn how data simulation and analytics can be leveraged to boost productivity, generate business value, and decrease risk in oil and gas.


November 15-18, 2021

ASNT Fall Conference

Phoenix, Arizona

As AIML increases in NDT discussions and solutions, a return to the basics can help with building a firm foundation in which we can build as a society.  The wave is coming; we can learn to swim together. 


September 13-16, 2021


Chicago, IL

Application of drones (Unmanned Arial Systems - UAS) and other remote visual aids for welding inspection with an overview of ASME Section V work to maintain continuity in alternate platforms of remote inspection.

May 25-26, 2021

Virtual Event

Come learn about the latest and greatest in robotic Inspection and Maintenance. It's free with our VIP registration link: https:/


Speaking Engagements

Kimberley Hayes is available for speaking engagements and presentations. 

Contact us for more information.

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