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Valkim Technologies' works have been published in several notable journals and have conducted industry presentations live and virtually.
2022 Advancement of Women in NDT Recipient

Kimberly Hayes is the co-founder of Valkim Technologies, LLC with over 25 years of experience in chemical processing, nondestructive testing (NDT), and welding. She has discovered her passion through the foundation of Valkim in November 2020.


Spotlight on Women in Mechanical Integrity: Kimberly Hayes
NDE 4.0: Image and Sound Recognition
Advancements in Radiographic Evaluation Through the Migration into NDE 4.0

Looking at the landscape of the industrial inspection world created by Covid, she noticed a few things: the pandemic had upset the balance of the industry (and pretty much all industries), companies were getting increasingly concerned about carbon footprints and costs.

Advances powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) centric technologies have enveloped nearly every aspect of our lives. Of the many aspects of AI, seven patterns have been classified, with the most common being the recognition pattern.

The challenges presented by the global pandemic and slump in oil prices have imposed costly avoidance measures and delayed project timeliness, but it also has created the opportunity for innovation conditions in industrial non-destructive testing.

NDE 4.0: Technician Training of the Future

Kim takes you on a journey regarding digital dynamics - global collaboration for the elevation of industry and mission of safety. She covers topics such as managing migration, pipeline UT - machine learning, and more.

Role of Women in the Pursuit of NDE 4.0

This paper is intended to highlight roles that women can and likely will play in shaping the future of NDE 4.0, from execution to leadership levels as well as from development to transformation activities. 

Detecting and Quantifying Cracks Using Eddy Current Array

Detecting, quantifying, and sizing indications characterized as a “crack” in critical equipment have long been the global benchmark of asset integrity programs. Therefore, the increased precision that inspection programs obtain using advanced technologies can dynamically improve the overall assessment. 

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